In simple terms, smart home is a home that provides all its facilities and equipment with ideal conditions for residents. An intelligent house, using various sensors and electronic controls, is able to provide the best living conditions for individuals. In this house, many actions, including smart lighting, suitable for watching movies, turning off or turning on the lights at a specific time or when the ambient light is not sufficient, adjusting the ambient temperature with regard to atmospheric conditions and many other things without interference. The owner of the house is made automatically.

The benefits and capabilities of this system are so extensive that it can be understood only by touching it. Just as a smartphone with a fixed phone is unmatched, it also has its own unique features and everything. Which we can have in our dream or have seen in science fiction.

A simple example brings the subject a little clearer: assuming you want to leave the house, just click the temporary or permanent icon on the smart touch key installed on the wall or mobile phone, then close the curtains. It turns off the lights, if the TV is turned on, it cools it off; the cooling system – your heating system from any kind of brand, without wiring according to the type of temporary or permanent exit, temperature change or shutdown, valve and tap If the window is left open, it will notify you by broadcasting the audio message, it will cut off unnecessary power supplies, humidity Now, if you forget that when you go out, you will feel the absence of your presence at home and inform you that due to the absence of the system, the temporary exit mode is activated and …

TIS with Alexa Audio Assistant Amazon lets you control your entire home equipment with AIO voice commands. In addition to the voice assistant, you can also make voice commands with your mobile and computer so that the TIS Intelligent Home System in Tabriz and around the world processes your voice with artificial intelligence and executes your commands.